Once purchased you will be provided with 2 download methods in your My Account > Downloadable Products Page, Direct download or Github.

Installation Via Direct download

  1. Unzip the files
  2. Check Compilation status and disable Compilation if it is enabled (Magento Admin > System > Tools > Compilation)
  3. Copy the files from the package into your Magento directory
  4. Clear your Magento Cache. (Magento Admin > System > Cache Management > Select "Flush Cache Storage")
  5. Your extension should now be installed. And just requires configuration details on which can be found here

Installation via Composer/Modman

Via Composer (Reccomended over Modman if possible)

Add "theextensionlab/megamenu": "~1.0" to your required section and add the github repo as a source repository by adding it to the composer.json repositories array. Since composer wont resolve repositories recursively we also need to add the source of two small dependencies.

              "type": "vcs",
              "url": "https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/MegaMenu.git"
              "type": "vcs",
              "url": "https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/TinyMceConfig.git"
              "type": "vcs",
              "url": "https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/WidgetImage.git"

Once installed you will need to configure the extension and add your serial key details on how to do this can be configuration details on which can be found here.

Via Modman

This extension has 2 other extension dependencies so you will need to install all 3 via modman

modman clone https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/MegaMenu.git

modman clone https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/TinyMceConfig.git

modman clone https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/WidgetImage.git