Once purchased you will be provided with 2 download methods in your My Account > Downloadable Products Page, Direct download and Github.

Installation Via Direct download

  1. Unzip the files
  2. Check Compilation status and disable Compilation if it is enabled (Magento Admin > System > Tools > Compilation)
  3. Copy the files from the package into your Magento directory
  4. Clear your Magento Cache. (Magento Admin > System > Cache Management > Select "Flush Cache Storage")
  5. Your extension should now be installed. And just requires configuration details on which can be found here

Installation via Modman/Github

Via Modman

modman clone https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/Kitproducts

Via Composer

Add "theextensionlab/kitproducts": "~1.0.0" to your required section and add the github repo as a source repositorie by adding it to the composer.json repositories array{"type": "vcs", "url": "https://github.com/TheExtensionLab/CustomContactUrl.git"}`

Once installed you will need to configure the extension and add your serial key details on how to do this can be configuration details on which can be found here.